Carlo Nicolini

Post Doc
Scientific programmer


Corso Bettini 31 - Palazzo Fedrigotti
+39 0464 808711



  • 2014-2017: PhD candidate in "Nanosciences and advanced technologies", University of Verona
  • 2008-2010: Research Fellow in machine learning and intelligent optimization DISI
    Focus on probabilistic graphical models and kernel machines, graph drawing, information visualization.
  • 2008: Msc in Physics 110/110 "cum laude"

Professional experience:

Programming languages, software frameworks:

C/C++ with emphasis on STL and template-metaprogramming, Boost, Qt4, Qt5, Bash scripting, Python/Cython,  OpenGL, GLSL (OpenGL shaders), Mathematica, MatLab, Psychtoolbox, Bash scripting, NI Labview, LATEX, CMake, Python, Cython, CUDA.

Experience in high performance computing.

Experience as system administrator of Dell server clusters.

Technical and mathematical competencies:

Vast knowledge of algorithms and data structures and numeric linear algebra as well as numerical analysis with their related problems in general. Interested in physical simulations of complex systems. 

Experience in volumetric data visualization and volumetric light field display.

Conferences and proceedings:

  • Summer school in Advanced Connectomics, Firenze, May 2015.
  • Nicolini, C., Fantoni, C., Mancuso, G., Volcic, R., & Domini, F. (2014). A framework for the study of vision in active observers. In: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIX, Rogowitz, B.E., Pappas, T.N. and de Ridder, H. (eds.), Proceedings of SPIE, 9014.
  • Walter Gerbino, Carlo Fantoni, Carlo Nicolini , Robert Volcic, Fulvio Domini. “Active Multisensory Perception Tool: BUS experience and action comfort”. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe, Torino (2013)"
  • Carlo Nicolini, Stefano Teso, Bruno Lepri, Andrea Passerini. “From on-going to complete activity recognition exploiting related activities”. International Workshop on Human Behaviour Understanding, Istanbul (2010)

Softwares and projects:


Psychophysics experiments Complex systems Neuroimaging

Selected Publications

From on-going to complete activity recognition exploiting related activities. HBU 2010, International Workshop on Human Behaviour Understanding, Istanbul 2010.



iit Publications

2017 Community detection in weighted brain connectivity networks beyond the resolution limit
2017 Graph analysis and modularity of brain functional connectivity networks: Searching for the optimal threshold
2014 A framework for the study of vision in active observers