Giuseppe Pica



CNCS@UniTn Trento


Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems @ UniTn, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Corso Bettini 31, Rovereto (Tn)


Giuseppe Pica received his Master Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Pisa and his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of St Andrews, UK.

He has held a personal fellowship awarded to his research in Quantum Computing at the University of St Andrews. He then moved to the Neural Computation lab (directed by Stefano Panzeri) to develop new techniques for the quantitative identification of the neural codes that drive sensory-related behaviour. He is also part of the Neural Coding lab (co-directed by Stefano Panzeri and Tommaso Fellin) where he studies the role of neuromodulation in neural coding.


- Neural coding and neuromodulation (interplay of sensory drive, spontaneous dynamics and effect of neuromodulation)
- Relationship between neural codes and behavior (role of different neural codes on sensation and behavior);

Selected Publications

- Giuseppe Pica, Gary Wolfowicz, Matias Urdampilleta, Mike LW Thewalt, Helge Riemann, Nikolai V Abrosimov, Peter Becker, Hans-Joachim Pohl, John JL Morton, RN Bhatt, SA Lyon, Brendon W Lovett, Hyperfine Stark effect of shallow donors in silicon, Physical Review B 90 (19), 195204 (2014)

- Giuseppe Pica, Brendon W Lovett, RN Bhatt, SA Lyon, Exchange coupling between silicon donors: The crucial role of the central cell and mass anisotropy, Physical Review B 89 (23), 235306 (2014)

- Giuseppe Pica, Brendon William Lovett, RN Bhatt, T Schenkel, SA Lyon, Surface code architecture for donors and dots in silicon with imprecise and nonuniform qubit couplings, Physical Review B 93 (3), 035306 (2016)

- PA Mortemousque, S Rosenius, G Pica, DP Franke, T Sekiguchi, A Truong, MP Vlasenko, LS Vlasenko, MS Brandt, RG Elliman, KM Itoh, Quadrupole shift of nuclear magnetic resonance of donors in silicon at low magnetic field, Nanotechnology 27 (49), 494001 (2016)

- Giuseppe Pica, Brendon W Lovett, Quantum gates with donors in germanium, Physical Review B 94 (20), 205309 (2016)



- EPSRC Doctoral Prize 2015

- StAndOut bursary for outreach activity from the Wellcome Trust