Post doc positions in Computational Neuroscience at the Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems - [ Postdoc ]

Added on: 12/09/2017 - Expires on 15/10/2017

We are seeking candidates for three postdoctoral positions in Computational Neuroscience in the Neural Computation Research Line at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia ( directed by Stefano Panzeri ( located in Rovereto (Trento), Italy. 

This laboratory aims to crack the neural code using neural network modeling and computational analyses of neurophysiological experiments. 

The laboratory offers a range of strongly interdisciplinary expertise in computational neuroscience, including information theory and other types of advanced single-trial neural analyses, advanced spectral analysis, and biophysically plausible neural network modeling.  

The successful candidates will develop and use tools for the analysis of large-scale simultaneous recordings of the spiking activity of cells in the cortex to understand how populations of neurons carry information. The successful candidate would have the opportunity to benefit from an extensive set of existing collaborations with leading neurophysiological laboratories, including those of Nikos Logothetis at Max Planck Tubingen (collaborating on oscillations, sensory information coding and neuromodulation), Tommaso Fellin at IIT (collaborating on Optogenetics, Neurophysiology and Neural coding), Mathew Diamond at SISSA (collaborating on the behavioral impact of information carried by spike timing), and Christopher Harvey at Harvard Medical School (collaborating on neural population dynamics and decision making). 

We are willing to consider candidates interested in any aspects of neural coding of interest to the laboratory. Candidates must hold a PhD in a numerate scientific discipline. They must be highly motivated and creative individuals who want to work in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary research environment and be willing to interact with both experimental and theoretical neuroscientists. 

Interested candidates should email their application to and Dr. Stefano Panzeri (, emailing their CV, a brief statement of research interests, and names and email addresses of 2 referees.

Please quote “Post doc positions in Computational Neuroscience position at the Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems (CNCS@UniTn)- Rovereto Trento CB: 73216 – 74287 – 74127 ” in the subject.

The deadline for applications is October 15th, 2017.

For reference to recent work please see: 

Runyan C. A., et al (2017) Distinct timescales of population coding across cortex, Nature: 548: 92-96.

Panzeri S., et al (2017) Cracking the neural code for sensory perception by combining statistics, intervention and behaviour. Neuron 93: 491-507

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