Anna Cattani

Post Doc

Former colleague


May 2014-:  Post-Doc researcher at Laboratory of Neural Computation (Stefano Panzeri’s lab), Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems@UniTn

2011-2014: Ph.D. in Mathematics for engineering sciences (advisor: prof. Claudio Canuto) at Politecnico di Torino, Italy 

2005-2010: Bachelor and Master of Science in Mathematics (advisors: prof. Alfredo Marzocchi and Rinaldo Colombo) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy


ATTEND project (Characterizing and improving brain mechanisms of attention)

Selected Publications

D. Fasoli, A. Cattani, S. Panzeri. From Local Chaos to Critical Slowing Down: A Theory of the Functional Connectivity of Small Neural Circuits. Available at (2016). 

D. Fasoli*, A. Cattani*, S. Panzeri. The complexity of dynamics in small neural circuits. Provisionally accepted on PLoS Computational Biology (2016) *Equally contributing authors

A. Cattani, S. Solinas, C. Canuto. A Hybrid Model for the Computationally-Efficient Simulation of the Cerebellar Granular Layer. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 10(0030)(2016) | 

A. Cattani, G.T. Einevoll, S. Panzeri. Phase-of-firing code. Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience (2015)

C. Canuto, A. Cattani. The derivation of continuum limits of neuronal networks with gap-junction couplings. Networks and Heterogeneous Media 9:111-133(2014)

A. Cattani. FitzHugh-Nagumo Equations with Generalized Diffusive Coupling. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 11(2):203-2015(2014)

A. Cattani, R. M. Colombo, G. Guerra. A Hyperbolic Model for Granular Flow. ZAMM Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 92(1):72-88(2012)


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CNS 2015 Travel Award given by the Organization for Computational Neurosciences