Karl Kopiske

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I have moved to TU Chemnitz. -- Brief Bio: BSc in Psychology from JLU Gießen, 2010 (thesis advisor: Kai Hamburger), MSc in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology from University of Edinburgh2011 (thesis advisor: Robert Logie). Briefly worked as a neuropsychologist in training (at BDH-Klinik Elzach) before returning to academia as a PhD student with Volker Franz at University of Hamburg (IRTG CINACS; cooperation of U. Hamburg and Tsinghua University). See our paper on grasping the Ebbinghaus illusion. Part of Fulvio Domini's group on active vision since 2016, working at IIT (2016-2017) and Brown University (spring 2016).

iit Publications

2017 Adaptation effects in grasping the Müller-Lyer illusion
2017 Do visual illusions affect grasping? Considerable progress in a scientific debate. A reply to Whitwell & Goodale, 2016
2017 Error correction and interference in grasping illusions
2017 On the response properties and range-dependence of manual estimation
2016 Manual estimation: Feedback affects bias, but not precision
2016 The functional subdivision of the visual brain: Is there a real illusion effect on action? A multi-lab replication study
2016 The SNARC effect in Chinese numerals: Do visual properties of characters and hand signs influence number processing?