Martijn Van Koningsbruggen

Post Doc
postdoctoral researcher

Former colleague


Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems Palazzo Fedrigotti Corso Bettini 31


I obtained my PhD at Bangor University in July 2009, and stayed in Bangor for a post doc before moving to Italy in february 2012 to start a post doc at the University of Trento. I have been working as a post doc at IIT since March 2014. My work at IIT is under the supervision of Lorella Battelli  and is part of the ATTEND project. I make use of TMS, tRNS, and fMRI in my experiments.

Presently, my research interests cover two main areas: spatial remapping after eye movements, and perceptual learning.

Spatial Remapping:I am interested in the simple yet intriguing question how we perceive the world around us as being stable although our eyes constantly move around. I have investigated the role of the parietal cortex with TMS, and found that the right parietal cortex is causally involved in maintaining a stable representation immediately after the end of each eye movement.

Perceptual Learning: I have studied the effects of transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) on perceptual learning of visual stimuli. tRNS is a form of transcranial electrical current stimulation that has been shown to increase neural plasticity and enhance learning. I recently found that tRNS over the parietal-occipital cortex increases perceptual learning of high reward visual stimuli (Van Koningsbruggen, Ficarella, Battelli & Hickey, in preparation).  At the moment, I am collaborating with Aaron Seitz (University of California, Riverside) to investigate the role of tRNS on task irrelevant perceptual learning.